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  • Personally, I like to keep my workspace neat. Reason: I’d rather focus on working than on trying to figure out where I put this, that, or the other thing.

    I guess that makes me like (gasp!) President Bush, who is also reputed to be quite a neat freak.

  • So much for the environment…4 monitors on and a desk lamp…not to mention the cemetary of dead trees lying around him. The caption should read, “Minutes before boarding his private jet.”

  • haha all the good hard work this man does and people still manage to find a way to criticize him… i think a few sacraficial watts of power are a decent trade-off for what gore does… christ whered all the rational people run off to?

  • Amen, Andrew. When did Al Gore become everybody’s political punching bag? Seriously knock it off. Making a documentary about a very real environmental catastrophe has become tantamount to putting a “kick me” sign on one’s back. Yes, it was an alarming film (and it was intended as such) – No, it was not alarmist (alarmist is something that is needlessly alarming – there is a very real need to be alarmed by anthropogenic climate change).

    I am baffled to try to figure out what people find so appalling about a man who forfeited his political ambitions for the sake of national unity (in spite of an election he won) and devoted himself to awakening America’s dormant environmental conscience.

  • well actually i was poking fun at the uber-environmentally sensitive that find gores use of 4 monitors and vast amounts of paper as cause for alarm…plus gore didnt win that election haha

    nevertheless, i agree with the main thrust of your point. Gore certainly has to be praised for bringing the environmental issue into the minds of americans. Whether people are inspired to become an entrepreneur in a green business or simply begins to recycle, we are all more aware of the need to shape up. But this is not to say that everything Gore said was appropriate or accurate. As more and more research is coming in we are finding that “global warming,” in the sense that LA will become an island and the like, is less and less of a glaring and scar reality. Studies have come out, by the UN no less, saying that earlier predictions of rising sea levels may have been a little Nifong-ish and that many of the crazy weather patterns are due more to natural cycles than the once Sean Penn-sexy “global warming.”

    So what I think is happening is that people are now seriously looking into an issue that a few years ago was hardly touched upon- and Gore deserves the overwhelming proportion of credit. But as impetuous minds cool down, and people start to invest hard work and research we will really start to solve the problem EFFECTIVELY. I have always been turned off by the alarmist notion that the world is going to flood and that Ill never be able to ski again. I dont think those two things will happen. But Im equally turned off by the opposite notion that there is no environmental problem and that all of those supporting reform are people like that Butterfly women who lived in a tree. There is a middle ground and I think a lot of people are starting to find it in the wake of Gores efforts.

  • @ Andrew – “There is a middle ground and I think a lot of people are starting to find it in the wake of Gores efforts”.

    To me that looks more like human nature – so that we can continue to do what we’ve been doing over the years without a concern for the future of nature or environment.

    Carry on living !

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