Disconnecting For a Day

Last week my partner Dave told me after 20 minutes of chatting, "Ben, you need to take some time off." He was right. I needed to disconnect and re-charge.

I was off the grid Saturday evening and Sunday and I feel great. I spent a bunch of time in the sun, endless hours reading, and even managed a ping-pong game and an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet.

More, I gorged in the natural beauty of San Francisco. I walked along fisherman’s wharf at sunset, something I’ve never done in all my 19 years here (it’s one of those "tourists only" spots). Just incredible beauty. And on Sunday evening I walked to the top of Tank Hill and looked down at the city lights and hills — the panoramic view stretching from the Golden Gate Bridge on the left through to the East Bay on the right. There were a handful of other people up there, all silent and wondering what we did to deserve such an experience.

This morning I woke up focused and refreshed and made a list of 28 things I needed to do. I have 5 left and it’s only 6:45 PM. Maybe I should take every Sunday off.

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