Arnold on Immigration

This month’s Harper’s magazine includes the audio transcript of a conversation Gov. Schwarzenegger had with his chief speechwriter in April 2006. It was leaked to the L.A. Times last year. Money quote:

Imagine someone coming to your house because his house burned down next door. Because of the misery he went through, you say, “Come on in here for a week or two weeks until you get going.” And that person comes out and says, “I’m not going to move anymore. You know something? I’m here to fucking stay.”

6 comments on “Arnold on Immigration
  • I think it was Voltaire who once wrote that witty sayings don’t prove anything. I’m a big Arnold guy, like everybody that has ever watched Conan the Barbarian can attest to, but the issue is not this simple at all. There’s tons of trade-offs.

  • Is he referring to himself? In which case should the quote not include how the distressed neighbour has now married the host’s daughter and the host has no choice but to let him stay?

  • Imagine you annex someone’s house, kick him into your backyard, and years later he moves back into part of his old house.

  • Only in America could the son-of-a-storm-trooper be elected into public office.

    Remind me again why we welcomed him into America with open arms?

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