Wal-Mart Teaches Employees Self-Help

Wal-Mart’s “Personal Sustainability Project” for employees, as reported in this NYT article, is fantastic. We all need to cultivate a sense of self-improvement — we can improve our mind and body — and I love how Wal-Mart is investing in programs to encourage this thinking among their massive employee pool. With health care costs soaring, I suspect many companies will embrace various health, fitness, and new-age programs.

During a workshop in Houston several weeks ago, Wal-Mart managers and hourly workers spent five hours at the zoo learning about environmental sustainability, a lesson that included tips on reducing carbon emissions and consuming healthier, more environmentally friendly food. By the end of the day, each employee had written down a pledge — or, in the program’s parlance, a personal sustainability practice.

“I want to start recycling around my home,” said Curtis Tipton, a manager.

“Improve my physical health with food and exercise,” said Ferne Oyster, who works in a grocery department.

“Spend more quality time with my family,” said Miriam Crosby, who runs a Wal-Mart in the area.

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