Are You an Ambitious Person Who Isn’t Big on Goals?

80% of ambitious people are goal oriented, 20% of ambitious people are not goal oriented. This ratio came from a friend. It strikes me as about right.

I’m not a goal person. I set a few short and medium term goals, but no long term goals.

I think long term goals are dangerous. When you are singularly focused on a long term goal or plan you become blind to the opportunities which exist on the periphery of everyday life. In other words, you blind yourself from the random events which can change your life.

But I’m still ambitious. I’m in the 20% minority.

So what drives me, if not goals? I’m not exactly sure. I want to have impact. That drives me. I want to change the world and make it better. That drives me. What drives me more than anything is an internal beating drum which I can’t verbalize.

I’m curious to hear from driven, ambitious people who don’t follow the textbook approach of elaborate goal-setting, new year’s resolutions, and life plans. From where do you derive your ambition? Is it just the way you are or can you point to explanatory factors?

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