Upgrading My IT Infrastructure

Over the past few weeks I’ve undergone a serious upgrade in my IT infrastructure, thanks in large part to the wizardry of Ross Carlson. Always good to do some spring cleaning.

Domains: All my domain names and DNS hosting now reside at GoDaddy.

Mobile Device: It was time to put the trusty BlackBerry 7750 aside. I’m now using a T-Mobile Dash as my SmartPhone. So far I’d give the Dash a 6 out of 10. Windows Mobile 5 is pretty slick and integrates fine with Mac OS X via The Missing Sync. If you get a Dash, be sure to spend $25 and buy a “shield” for it to prevent scratches.

Porting my phone number from Earthlink/Verizon to T-Mobile took a lot of work — after several days of fighting clueless Indian call center reps from Earthlink, I started filing a lawsuit against Earthlink in California Small Claims Court. Amazingly, they woke up, ported my number, and refunded nearly $1,000.

Handsfree Headset: Since I’ll be driving so much next month, I got a Bluetooth wireless headset. With voice commands I can dial into my address book without touching the phone.

Email Server: This is the most substantial. I’m now off my POP3 accounts and on a Microsoft Exchange server. Pushing my data to the sky makes sync much easier. My Dash, webmail, and desktop email are all synced with Exchange. If you use POP3 now, I highly recommend asking around to see if you can get on Exchange — especially if you tote a mobile.

Spam: Spam is no longer part of my reality. Up until this point, I received a few hundred spam messages a day. I used a local spam client to manage this, but this still meant my mobile device and webmail would be inundated. Enter Postini. With Postini laying on-top of the Exchange server, spam is gone. Toast. See ya later.

Email Processing: This is a process issue. I keep my emails. Most people don’t. I like having an archive. I finally got around to archiving my messages since toting 25k+ emails and 30k+ sent items in Entourage was slowing me down. On a going forward basis I will be much more judicious about keeping emails. Most quick messages I will delete. I hope I don’t regret this.

Next up? Consolidating my web hosting onto one Linux box.

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