The Life Changing Mentor at Holy Cross

BusinessWeek reports on a mentor named Father Brooks who guided a group of black students at the College of the Holly Cross in 1968. Among his students were Clarence Thomas (U.S. Supreme Court), Theodore Wells (star attorney representing Scooter Libby), Edward Jones (Pulitzer Prize winning author), Stanley Grayson (NYC i-banker), and Eddie Jenkins (Miami Dolphins running back during the team’s perfect season).

Although I think people in general overrate “life changing moments” or the singular impact of any one person, in this case it seems undeniable that one outstanding reverend at Holy Cross helped cultivate greatness.

It’d be one thing if mentors / teachers knew the impact they were having on their students while they expend the effort, and if students and society expressed appreciation in real time. We don’t, of course. It’s only 30 years after the fact that we see and appreciate the fruits of now 83 year-old Father Brooks’ work — and it makes it all the more noble.

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  • Yes this story was posted all over the web. I have met one of these students initials SG and found him to be a rcaist-that is anti white- in both actions and deeds. To bad thay did not learn to emulate the good Caracter of their mentor.

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