The Alpha Male Restores Order in the Pack with a Show of Aggression

It is posts like this that remind me of my adoration for corporate America, from "Overheard in the Office":

9AM The Alpha Male Restores Order in the Pack with a Show of Aggression

Sales guy slamming down phone: Fucking bitch.

Boss: Tell me you didn’t just slam the phone down on our biggest billing client.

Sales guy: What? She couldn’t hear that.

Boss: What the fuck are you talking about?! I get the phone slammed down on me all the time — I fucking hear it.

Sales guy: Yeah, I guess maybe she could hear it.

Boss, picking up phone: Call me.

Sales guy, getting very nervous: No, it’s okay. I’m sorry.

Boss: Fucking call me. I said call me! Fucking do it now! [Sales guy calls. Boss starts slamming his receiver against his desk screaming] Can you fucking hear that?! Huh?! Can you fucking hear it, bitch?!

Sales guy: I hear it, boss, I hear it. Please, please stop.

For the past three months I’ve been working in the Mobius Venture Capital offices in Colorado. We work alongside two of the portfolio companies (ReturnPath and StillSecure). I won’t go into any detail, but suffice to say that I have witnessed events not dissimilar to the above. Terribly distracting but also hysterical.

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Hat tip for above link: Ramit Sethi

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