Small College, Big Speakers

The spring ’07 speaking lineup at Claremont has already included Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman. In a month, Bill Clinton will be visiting.

Side benefit of a gap year: it makes you more ready / excited to go to college.

3 comments on “Small College, Big Speakers
  • A gap year is such a damned good idea. I wish I had come to Japan when I was sixteen instead of heading straight to college. Not only would I have learned Japanese faster, I would have grown up a lot more! Definitely something more Americans need to consider. It’s amazing how much you’ve gotten done during this year, too.

  • oooh, Scalia is supposed to be an amazing speaker–funny, wry, well-read; even if I don’t agree with his method of interpreting the Constitution, I’d love to see the gadfly live…

  • Ben,

    I fully agree with the benefits of a gap year. For me, it has not only allowed me to grow as an indivdual, and experience things professionally, but most importantly it has shown me what I will gain from a formal education and has made that an attractive option (which was assuredly not the case a year or two ago).

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