Road Trip USA: Seeing America from the Car

Roadtrip_graphicGreetings from Monticello, Utah, where I am spending the night after logging 500 miles on Day 1 of my USA Road Trip.

The "road trip" is deeply ingrained in the American psyche and my first day fit all the stereotypes: beautiful open highway surrounded (in Utah at least) by red, majestic canyons; trucks dominating the roads; side-of-the-road burger joints; and "We Belong Together" by Mariah Carey blasting from the speakers.

Without even knowing it, on day one I seemed to have ticked off a number of essential road trip experiences: piss on the side of a lonely highway, accidentally look a trucker in the eye in a local diner and fear for my life — those haunted, tired eyes somehow spit fear, and miss a turnoff and therefore wait 20 miles until the next exit.

Throughout my trip I reserve the right, as always, to make broadsweeping generalizations about entire pockets of America based on small details such as the local cafe’s menu.

I’ll be on the road — or on a plane — for the next 45 days before returning to San Francisco in May.

See you on the highway!

7 comments on “Road Trip USA: Seeing America from the Car
  • Ben, sounds like you are already having a lot of fun, with tons more to come! Good luck, take care and keep feeding us with those nice “mental snapshots”.

  • Glad to see the “Gap Year Travels Adventures” blog is active again … this trip will be much wilder than India or China – I feel !!! 😉

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