April USA Road Trip

During April I will be in the following cities (and surrounding areas). Send me an email if you want to meet up, have city advice, or if you have an extra bed and can host me. 🙂

Tucson, AZ
El Paso, TX
Austin, TX
Dallas, TX
Raleigh, N.C.
Philadelphia, PA
Boston, MA
Cincinnati, OH
Chicago, IL
Milwaukee, WI
Yellowstone, MO

10 comments on “April USA Road Trip
  • Hi Ben,

    I’m sure you have lots of friends in the Athens of America, but just in case, I’d love to host you in Boston.

    You’d have a big room with a door that locks, and an entire floor to yourself. Oh, and lots and lots of BOOKS with strong representation in economics, philosophy, history, plus weird and eclectic areas.

    In any case, my big Boston tip is to see Dennis Brennan at the Lizard Lounge, a very small venue in Cambridge. He’s the best live rock act I’ve seen in my life full stop. He’s often performing on Wednesdays.

    For food, three words — Blue Ribbon BBQ, and I will go out and get it for you if you come.

    robertwholzbach at sign yahoo dot com



  • I’d love to meet up when you come to Chicago. I live and work in the loop. I can show you around their and the also the Near South Side, which is undergoing a lot of changes (I work in real estate developement).

    As for things to do, you might like a late night run to the Weiner Circle. There’s plenty of music to be heard and lots of beautiful architecture.

  • Hi Ben,

    I just returned from a similar trip here in the Southeast. You can check out my “Best of” post to find some of the things that I enjoyed on my 6-city road trip from Greensboro, NC to Dallas, TX and back.

    I live in Greensboro, about 45 minutes from Raleigh, NC. I’ll be traveling most weekends in April, but would love to meet up and host you if I’m in town. Let me know when you plan to travel through this area.


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