Total Technical Meltdown

This blog and my “internet infrastructure” has had a stellar uptime record the past 6 years but it all came crumbling down Friday morning. Apologies. If you tried sending me an email at [email protected] on Friday or Saturday, I did not receive it, please send again. It’s fixed now.

I learned my lesson: research domain registrars before using them. wiped out all my DNS settings (and brought down this blog) and email account for no apparent reason. I soon became one of thousands of people who call the RegisterFly operation fraudulent. After 8.5 hours with non-English speaking offshore tech support people who repeated over and over again “Just wait 24 hours and all will be fixed” I decided to give up and apply the Powell Doctrine of Overwhelming Force to transfer my domain.

It was an immensely complicated and trying process, but suffice to say that within 30 hours I had achieved the impossible: I left RegisterFly, signed on with GoDaddy, and reconfigured my CNAME settings to integrate with this blog.

Bottom line: avoid RegisterFly (or any reseller domain registrar). Back to regularly scheduled programming….

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