On the Ground in Shanghai — A New Blog on Business and Life

My friend David Cummins, a young American ex-pat working in Shanghai, has started a new blog titled "This is China". Based on his first few posts, I expect this will be a great read for anyone looking for on-the-ground insights into what it’s like to live and do business in China.

I spent six nights in Shanghai last fall, thanks to the hospitality of blog reader and now friend Eisen Yeo. I met at least a dozen VCs, entrepreneurs, and technologists in Shanghai, and I kept asking the same question over and over again: What is really going on here? We read the stories about China, but what’s it really like? (Here’s what I learned.)

One of my favorite days was dinner with David and his partner Brian Yu, both of JL McGregor, at a restaurant in the hip part of Shanghai. It lasted for a couple hours, spanned many topics, and I came away feeling excited at how much I had learned in just a single dinner.

David is very much a deep thinker and is on the front lines analyzing and investing in companies in China. David — welcome to the blogosphere!


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