Declare Yourself An Expert, Then Work Backwards

Robert Greene, the author of 48 Laws of Power, supposedly couldn’t muster any “power” in his social interactions — so he wrote a book on how to become a power broker.

Martin Seligman, the author of Learned Optimism, supposedly was a depressed man who couldn’t be an optimist — so he wrote on book on the power of optimism.

John Gray, the relationship guru and author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, has supposedly been married several times.

Robert Frost, the great American poet, was a physically lazy man, yet work featured prominently in his poems.

Maybe the way to become an expert on something is simply to declare yourself so, and then work backwards. If you want to be a writer, for example, tell everyone you know you’re a writer. Every time someone asks you what you do, tell them you’re a writer. Before long, it’ll be true.

(Hat tip to Kai Chang and Marci Alboher for sparking this post)

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