College Theme Party: South of the Border

I guess nude-themed parties are so yesterday in American college life. Santa Clara University students, according to the L.A. Times, had a new idea: "South of the Border" party.

A "South of the Border" theme party has stirred outrage at a Jesuit university in Silicon Valley after students showed up at the bash dressed as Latino janitors, gardeners, gang members and pregnant teens…

One image shows a partygoer with a balloon stuffed under her shirt, making her appear pregnant.

In another, a woman wears pink rubber cleaning gloves and carries a feather duster.

Rest assured that the community is coming together to hold a forum to discuss diversity, tolerance, and all the other issues that animate American higher ed. What’s new?

2 comments on “College Theme Party: South of the Border
  • *Yawn*

    Suppose my Hispanic blood should be boiling, but this doesn’t really get under my skin.

    In my opinion whites are often demonized for any type of behavior deemed as racist or bigoted. Sure, lots of times such matters have gone over the line, but are we so naive to think that minorities don’t say similar things about whites?

    If a group of Hispanic students had a party where attendees dressed as any of the following, would there be a big stink?

    1) Anorexic, saucer-eyed daughter from a privliged family.

    2) Ritalin/Aderal abusing brianic; AP honors courses the whole way through; complete lack of social skills.

    3) Loud-mouthed jock/frat boy majoring in law or finance; possible closeted homosexual.

    Everyone has stereotypes and we all do things we shouldn’t. Hell, I’m sure a quick walk into Chinatown in SF would yield at least one instance of an elderly Asian cursing at a white-devil.

    In sum, this behavior is obviously stupid. Why the media seeks to make a big scandal out of it is the real mystery.

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