Ping Pong Table as Conference Table

Imagine my glee when I entered the HiveLive conference room last week and saw their conference table doubled as a ping pong table. Only in a start-up!

Loyal readers know of my love for ping pong and my constant struggle to find playing opponents (even in China).

Unfortunately, CEO John Kembel (what a smart, great guy) and I weren’t able to play a round since we got so engrossed in the HiveLive work, which is very cool stuff. With the tagline, "Share what you know with who you know" HiveLive is trying to make headway against that vexing problem of information management.

I’m sick of keeping track of my information / knowledge in a million different services and locations (online and offline) and I’d be much happier to "send my stuff to the sky," access it from anywhere, and share it with trusted friends.

If you want an invite to beta test HiveLive, drop me an email.

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  • I’m involved with a Seattle-based start-up. Not too long ago one of our developers pointed out that if we wanted to be a real dot-com we needed a ping pong table. We started playing with a miniature net and paddles on an old table from (there are plenty of these in Seattle). We figure playing on such a small surface will ultimately make us that much better when we upgrade to the real thing. You can see a few pics on my flickr page:

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