Unleashing the Inner Geek – Apps I've Been Playing Around With

I don’t talk much tech on this blog, but it doesn’t mean I’m not a geek. Here are some applications I’ve been playing around with recently:

1. Del.icio.us — No surprise here. I’ve tagged over 2,100 items in del.icio.us and don’t know what I’d do without it. It’s my repositiry of fringe thoughts and interesting links on the web.

2. Lijit — I recently installed Lijit on my Firefox. This is super cool. As I browse the web I can see what my friends have tagged “interesting” or “useful”. For example, in Google search results there are sometimes flags next to pages my friends have found useful (or “legit”). If you want to be friends with me on Lijit, just friend me.

3. NetNewsWire — I still use NetNewsWire to manage my over 400 RSS feeds on my Mac…It’s doing OK but it’s a bear to re-organize feeds and folders. For example, it’s next to impossible to move my “High Priority” folder above my “Medium Priority” folder without my High Priority going into my Medium Priority. This bug notwithstanding, it’s still the best Mac RSS aggregator.

5. Judy’s Book — I write reviews of restaurants and cafes I eat at on Judy’s Book.

6. Jott – This is a really nifty, FREE, service that lets you call a toll free number from your cell phone and leave a voice message. An audio file then appears on on your page on their web site within minutes. Within hours, your audio file is transcribed into words. This is perfect for an idea or thought that pops into your head when driving or if you don’t have access to pen/paper.

7. PBWiki — My friends at PB Wiki have added a WYSIWYG editor which is fantastic and much easier to use. I’m now using PB Wiki to manage most of my wikis. I just wish they’d make new wikis password-optional!

If there are any other apps you think I should try out, leave a comment.

6 comments on “Unleashing the Inner Geek – Apps I've Been Playing Around With
  • Have you tried out http://me.dium.com/ yet? If not, it’s probably worth a try.

    It’s a cool firefox extension that “reveals the hidden world of people and activity behind your browser. (from the website).”

    Email me if you need an invite code.

  • I like del.icio.us, but use Furl when I’m flagging something I might really want a copy of someday, since Furl caches a copy and del.icio.us doesn’t.

    And I actually prefer Writeboard for my wikis, at least when they’re personal ones (Christmas lists to send to my dad, scratchpads for events I’m planning with someone else, recipes I plan to make for a party, etc).

    If you were a rabid Flickr user, I’d also recommend downloading Flock for its Photo Uploader tool alone. It lets you add captions and tags to Flickr photos before they’re uploaded.

  • My boyfriend is always finding useful things here:


    …I found a program that has restored my iTunes library from my ipod after a surprising catastrophic crash of the harddrive of my new MacBook. Good thing! Lots of music almost bit the big one.

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