How Do You Develop Self-Confidence?

In April I said, "The single biggest divider between the good and the great is self-confidence."

I saw my friend Rahim Fazal today (a really impressive person!), and we got on the topic of self-confidence. I raised the question: How do you develop self-confidence? Here’s what we brainstormed:

  • Celebrate small wins. Life is a series of small steps. Each step you take which brings you closer to your goal is worth a pat on the back — even if you don’t make it to the end.
  • Talk to people. Seek out advice and help from positive people. In addition to simple encouragement, when you have a "personal board of advisors," some of the impact of a failure can be absorbed by them.
  • You be the carrot and the stick. Try not to rely on others for approval or motivation.
  • Perspective. This is most important. Gaining perspective on the course of events is mighty difficult. All the more so for young people, since we rarely "look back" (and have little to look back on!). In general, I think our greatest successes and our greatest failures are often not as important as we think.

What else?

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