You're So Good at Chopsticks!

If you travel to China and Japan or any other country that uses chopsticks you’ll find the locals always compliment you on your chopstick use.

It’s like they think no one else in the world uses chop sticks to eat their ethnic cuisine.

They may also race over a fork, even if you haven’t yet picked up the chopstick, because your white skin shouts “I hate the sticks, gimme the metal.”

I’m not a big fan of chopsticks. I didn’t know how to use them effectively prior to my Asia trip. Nonetheless, I have come to appreciate their utility. Certain small nuts are well suited to the chopstick.

Still, all in all, it’s hard to beat the fork and knife combination when it comes to sheer versatility, grip, and predictability.

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  • For the traditional Chinese method of eating (shoveling from rice bowl to mouth), chopsticks are the best method.

    Being a non-traditionalist, I tend to use forks.

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