WTF is a "Smart Restuarant"?

Since June I’ve been reading way too many guidebooks.

One of the things which always amuses / annoys me is how travel guidebooks need to keep inventing new adjectives. For example, “Nestled behind the Great Gate are a bunch of smart restaurants that make for a good pit stop.”

I have no idea what a smart restaurant is. Well placed? Well lit? English speaking staff?

The quest for meaningful adjectives plagues everyone from Lonely Planet to food describers to the average Joe trying to write a paper. This reminds me of my old post on all the ways a premium cheese company describes cheese (“subtly earthy” or “pungent” or “complex”).

Here’s a writing hack to jump start your descriptions: take an adjective, make it an adverb, and then combine it w/ the target word. “Startlingly cute”, for example.

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