I'm Ben Casnocha…And This, Is the Longest Day of My Life

November 10th – 12:30 AM: Victoria’s Peak in Hong Kong

November 10th – 11:15 AM: Depart Hong Kong

November 10th – 4:30 PM: Arrive Tokyo (3.5 hour flight)

November 10th – 5:30 PM: Depart Tokyo

November 10th – 9:15 AM: Arrive Vancouver (12 hour flight)

November 10th – 3:00 PM: Depart Vancouver

November 10th – 5:15 PM: Arrive San Francisco (2 hour flight)

Yes I’m home and recovering. Yes I’m home six days earlier than planned. Yes I’m trying to obsess about my book in this final crunch.

(For those confused by title of this post, it’s a 24 reference)

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