Getting the Lowest "A" Possible

I was talking to my partner Dave this evening and we were discussing what it means to hold high standards. The best companies hold standards that are high but not too high.

He had an interesting way of assessing this this. Dave said when our contract comes up with a client, they should look around at the market and consider other companies, and then always come back and renew with us (Comcate). If we’re providing such unbelievable service that they don’t even check out the competition, then we’re probably doing too much. And if they look around and do leave, then we’re not doing enough.

In other words:

1. Look around and leave — underperforming
2. Don’t look around at all — overperforming
3. Look around and stay — optimized

Finding that optimized sweet spot — or the "lowest A possible," for all you students out there — is difficult but necessary.

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