Common Knowledge + Uncommon Experiences = Success

"What’s the #1 key to business success?" What a dumb question that is, and I promise not to try to answer it in my forthcoming book.

As I’ve been writing and researching for my book, I have discovered how "common" virtually every piece of advice anyone could possibly give on virtually any topic related to business or life success has become. In other words: find me some original thinking!

I’ve read plenty of books or magazine articles on "the top 5 leadership keys" or "the three habits all powerful people employ." And I remember none of it. Sure, if you asked me what principles all successful people embody I could give you a laundry list of predictable answers: integrity, commitment, hard work, curiosity, and so forth. But how many times have you heard those now-meaningless adjectives?

So, the question for go-getter in hunt of insights about how to thrive in this wild and crazy world is: Do I search for un-common knowledge? That is, truly original insights by truly original thinkers? Or, do I try to bolster these tired advice adjectives with real meaning by supplementing the common knowledge with uncommon experiences? That is, can I produce a war-chest of experiences for when I acted with integrity and when I did not, and carry those lessons with me for the rest of my life?

I think you can tell which approach I favor!

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