A Few Hours in Bangkok

I spent a few hours in the Bangkok airport and thus accomplished one of the most important parts of traveling which is being able to tell someone you’ve been to a certain country. Yeah, I’ve been to Thailand. Cool place.

Quick thoughts:

  • As you taxi on the runway you see signs which say "Long Live the King". Tons of signs with that phrase and a picture of the general. I can only assume it’s the general who led the recent coup. What a lovely poster for visitors to see over and over.
  • Thai Airways gave a flower to each woman on the flight. Can somebody say s-e-x-i-s-m? 🙂
  • Saw a sign for a "Muslim Prayer Room" in the airport. I knew I had arrived in SE Asia.
  • As we waited in line to board the flight to Mumbai, I found myself standing next to an American lady. After we both observed the chaos which substitutes for a queue, she remarked, "Do you think it’s asking too much for people to form a line?" I responded that in China, at least, queuing is far inferior to the mob approach.
  • Thailand definitely seems like the hot tourist destination for rich western tourists who want beaches and a little exotic spirit.


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