Why Japan, China, and India?

A reader recently asked why I’m going to China, India, and Japan.

I don’t have a really good answer. I wanted to go to Asia, those countries are the three largest economies, and I feel like Southeast Asia is its own trip.

China and India are obviously hot business topics, and Japan is in an interesting place in its history, too.

My main goal in travels is to see as much of the world as possible, so almost any new country would blow my skirt up!

Asia is going to be much more different than Europe. It will be harder in that sense. But I also have two months of backpacking under my belt from June-August, so I’m more equipped to be self-sufficient and resourceful.

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  • If you get a chance while in China, fly out to the western frontier (Kashgar aka Kashi and/or Turpan). The mix of cultures, foods, and languages on the ancient silk road is truly amazing. It’s changing fast, as the Chinese government is trying to “civilize it” by importing more han people. See it now, before it’s too late.

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