Web Designers, Video Ring Tones, Vancouver and New Delhi

Three housekeeping items.

1. I’m looking for a web designer to build a simple web site for my book and re-design this blog in a matching color scheme. Please email me if you know of anyone who is suited for the task (or if you want to suggest well-designed book web sites) and I can email the spec.

2. I have a friend who’s developed some awesome video ring tones. Not just sounds / music, but animated video that will play on the phone. This is the future of this market. If you have any contacts in the ring tone industry / mobile phone world, please let me know.

3. I’ll unexpectedly be in New Delhi, India and Vancouver, British Columbia in a week. If you live there and want to meet, email me. Thanks.

3 comments on “Web Designers, Video Ring Tones, Vancouver and New Delhi
  • You coming to Mumbai? I’m an american expat, work for a US investment bank here, read your blog, etc. Let me know.

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