Live Chickens in Shanghai

My Mom freaked me out when she told me I should expect to see a lot of live chickens running around in China.

It hasn’t been the case but in Shanghai I did, for the first time, see a guy biking with about 10 chickens on his back. A cop was giving him a ticket so it was probably illegal. I mean, they were hardly covered and if I wasn’t careful I could have been given a good peck and probably would have picked up some disease. Click the picture to enlarge.

3 comments on “Live Chickens in Shanghai
  • Steer clear of live chickens and any markets which have live poultry present – unless you want to get bird flu, that is. (“Nevermind avoiding live chickens,” Antoine just said to me, “now WE’re gonna have to stay away from Ben!”) Seriously, bird flu started there and they’ve killed 10 million chickens, but be very careful and keep away from those critters.

  • I like chickens, i have a few chickens running back home in Malaysia. The only thing i don’t like about them is that they wake me up in the morning with their “cock a doodle doo”. God damnit. And they do it for 20 mins.

  • Jackie Danicki are you a retarded? Bird Flu is a global problem there is no certainty where it originated.Europe has Mad Cow,HIV,therefore we should check every one of you before entering china.Your beef is horrible.

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