KFC and Pizza Hut as Premium Brands – And Glories of McDonald's

KFC and Pizza Hut are kicking McDonald’s ass in China.

They’re everywhere. And locals tell me the food is excellent and they’re positioned as premium brands.

I’m a big fan of Western fast food chains in China and other Eastern countries. The whole line about McDonald’s ruining local cuisine or culture is such horseshit.

McDonald’s and its ilk give the locals choice. If the locals didn’t like the food, they wouldn’t eat there and McDonald’s wouldn’t be there. So a Chinese person wants a break from noodles? Big deal — give him a burger! It doesn’t make the noodles any less real. So a Parisan doesn’t want to sit in a cafe for two hours for lunch? Big deal — give her something fast! (McDonald’s in Paris, btw, is one of their biggest success stories.)

People who sit at home in the States and say McDonald’s in all these countries takes something away from the local feel haven’t traveled. I never eat McDonald’s at home — I think it’s vile. But abroad I eat there all the time. It’s a nice break from the local fare. And I’m damn glad I have that choice.

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