A Blog Chronicling the Fight to Survive Ovarian Cancer

My friend Carl Johnston, a successful angel investor and another person in my life who’s been so kind with his encouragement and advice to me, recently told me his close companion Suzanne Robles is fighting ovarian cancer.

Suzanne set up a blog to chronicle her journey fighting the cancer. She had some issues with the blog, so Carl asked me to help her. I did, and I suggested she dump WordPress and move to Blogger.

Now she’s up and running and her posts are honest, emotional, and gripping. She just posted about a devastating visit to the doctor. She received a frank assessment from the doctor followed by this:

She STRESSED…you must only have JOY in your life. If you wanted to travel do it now. What ever it is do not wait. You are feeling good now, but later on you wont be. This is going to be a difficult battle.
It made me realize that I was thinking, ok about 6 months of chemo and then Ill start doing things I want to do. She stressed over and over-do it now.

I am humbled by Suzanne’s bravery to be so public about such an enormous fight and private matter. Her relentless positive outlook will be an inspiration to others, cancer survivors or not.

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