Wrapping Up My Trip With Broke College Students

My last two nights in London were spent with some friends of my brother. Great group of girls (and guys). After spending many a night at posh set-ups, living in a run-down house with disgusting bathrooms and kitchen was a, err, refreshing change!

I learned something. Despite the fact that these endlessly friendly and upbeat 20 year old Brits were struggling to make ends meet, finish their university education, and work basic service jobs (they all work at local stores near their Hampstead house), they seemed as or more happy than some of the wealthy adults I stayed with. Laughing and smiling abound.

I didn’t "do" much these last couple days. Had lunch with a KPMG exec (thanks Seth Levine) who is a really nice guy, even though we probably don’t agree on some things. Wandered around Heath Park. Read a lot — in Starbucks, outside in parks, in the house.


Img_1654 At dinner one night my primary host stole a flower off the restaurant table, just as the waiter came by. She did it because one of her friends "loves that kind of flower." The waiter was the weirdest I’ve ever seen. He was like a robot reading a script. "If the flower has gone missing, please return it to the table." (She didn’t.) When he brought the bill and credit cards were provided he said, "Please insert your card. When prompted, please enter your PIN. I will turn my head as you enter your confidential PIN number information. Thank you." We made out with the stolen flower anyway! At dinner we had a Sicilian lemonade/gin drink which was quite good.

Thanks to Jess and Jani for being such helpful, willing, and happy hosts! I hope I can return the favor down the road.Park_1 Img_1661


8 comments on “Wrapping Up My Trip With Broke College Students
  • Must…resist…temptation…to…make…joke….

    Ah hell, my willpower’s shot.

    Did anyone else notice that in the shot of Ben with the three BritBabes (TM), Ben is clutching a package to his groin (perhaps the famed passport that he doesn’t want to get stolen…)?

    Now I could go so many different directions with this…innuendo based on the word “package”…references to the location of said package…asking why Ben has such a big smile on his face….

    Rather than ruining the potential for merriment, just make your own favorite joke in your mind.

  • Dear Concerned Parents,

    Notwithstanding the above comment left on 3 August 2006 by someone calling himself Chris Yeh, this blog remains PG-13. In other words, it’s safe for work. While this strange commenter seems to find himself funny, I know that you — and especially the National Foundation for Family Values — find it utterly repulsive. Thank you for your understanding.

  • It is interesting that the National Foundation for Family Values has attacked the morality of the poster, yet has not addressed whether or not there is any truth to the allegations raised in his post.

    Or as the saying goes, “Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

  • Hey Ben,
    That waiter sounds familiar – you must have had the dubious pleasure of being served by Basil Fawlty ( played by John Cleese ) from Fawlty Towers.
    Fawlty what !! – I hear you say well perhaps this
    Youtube film clip will jog your memory:

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