The Moroccan Immigrants Hawking Fake Gucci

They’re everywhere in Europe. 10-15 black guys on a random sidewalk with various fake Gucci, Prada, and other brands I know nothing about. It’s shocking people would stop and buy what is so obviously fake and so obviously low quality.

The funniest relationship isn’t between these street vendors and their delusional patrons, but the vendors and the police. Without a license, the vendors are always on the run. The cops care enough to scare them but not arrest them. So every so often you’ll see a parade of black guys — I’m told from Morocco — running across a street holding their huge cardboard stands before settling down on some new sidewalk.


6 comments on “The Moroccan Immigrants Hawking Fake Gucci
  • “It’s shocking people would stop and buy what is so obviously fake and so obviously low quality.”

    Versus, you know…stopping and buying it for $400+ at an “official” retailer. Ben, the majority of purchasers of the products you listed (Gucci, Prada, etc.) aren’t paying for the product and, therefore, aren’t factoring the craftsmanship into their purchasing decisions. They’re paying for the logo on the outside, which the ripoff bags emulate quite well.

    It’s an issue of image, not quality.

  • The funny part is that I see this in NY all the time. Not sure if they are Moroccan or not.

    As to the authenticity of an item, it seems to me that if something makes you feel better for having it who cares who actually printed the name on it. If it falls apart 2 times faster, oh well, you still saved probably 10x or more on the price.

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