The Blaring London Headlines

London papers are funny. Blaring headlines and articles filled with the same kind of Economist/British snarky bite that’s usually entertaining.

Recently there was the following headline on the newstands: Man Mugged on Tube for Bottle of Water
He was also carrying an iPod and wallet. The guy wanted his bottle of water.

Hell, I’m surprised I haven’t mugged someone for water yet.

(P.S. The Tube is madly expensive and as hot as a microwave with no AC. Definitely disappointing.)

3 comments on “The Blaring London Headlines
  • buy day passes and don’t hate on the tube. greatest public transportation system in the world. Mind the closing doors, please mind the closing doors thank youuuuu.

  • Yes the tube is hot, Yes the tube smells, Yes there are bums in the tube, Yes Yes yes… but I still miss it.

    There is something special about the “tube” in London that no other city has. (NYC gets close)

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