Our Obsession With Consistency and Hypocriscy

It’s sad that “hypocrisy” is so shunned in our society and that “consistency” is so applauded.

How many times have you heard a politician say “I’ve advocated this view for more than 20 years, this is not just an election-day invention.”

I say if you’ve held an unchanged opinion for more than 20 years you are neglecting the duties of active citizenship, which calls for constant re-examination of yourself and the world around you.

My theory is that an energized quest to remain “consistent” throughout one’s life or career drives loads of irrational behavior. This is why I’m always scared when I hear a young person with steadfast political views boast deaf ears. Or when I learn about a 60 year-old adult who’s toed the Democratic or Republican party line his whole life.

Our lives change and the world change. “I’ve changed my mind” should not be a crime.

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