Little Things Every Day for Happiness (and a Question About Ice Cream)

My friend and super successful entrepreneur Trevor Traina told me at dinner a few months ago that the way he thinks about happiness is the little things. If you love chocolate, have a piece of chocolate each day. If you love music, get your favorite songs on your iPod. If you really love a good cup of coffee, get the best coffee beans and make it in the morning. Whatever it is for you, find something small that you can do each day. We often forget that most of our existence is spent sleeping, eating, showering/going to the bathroom, or driving/moving. Integrating some little things into our habits that give bursts of pleasure is a Good Thing.

In this spirit, I’ve found myself eating a lot of ice cream here in Europe. Ice cream outlets are pervasive — probably because it’s so hot. But last night, wandering along a boardwalk on the beach in San Sebastian, Spain, with an ice cream cone (two scoops of the same flavor — don’t try to mix and match) I pondered a difficult question: Cone or cup?

Ice cream in a cone has several advantages. Most notably, once you’ve consumed the ice cream, you can devour the cone. Yum. It’s also the more "classic" way to eat ice cream, especially if you extenuate the tongue action. However, it starts dripping from one side and your hands get messy. I find myself rushing through the cone just to make sure it doesn’t drip all over me, instead of savoring each lick.

On the other hand, ice cream in the cup is less messy. You can savor and it lasts longer. There’s also a kind of sophisticated, "I’m an adult now" spirit in using a spoon and performing a flourish after sucking the cream off the spoon and removing it from mouth.

Like all important decisions in my life, I leave this one up to you, dear reader. Cone or cup? Is there truly a Better Way?

My happiness depends on it.

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