Friend of Ben and Quote of the Day

Name: Massimo Chiasera
Network: Ben Casnocha –-> SF University HS –> SF-Zurich Initiative –> Patrice Siegrist –> Massimo Chiasera

“You know, it’s life. It’s just people and feelings.” – Massimo Chiasera

I first met Massimo last summer when I was in Zurich and we hit it off. I spent a bunch of time with him when he studied English in San Francisco last fall. He’s a total stud – he speaks 4.5 languages, is in a prestigious law career track in Zurich, was recently invited to enter a doctoral program, plays in a professional jazz group, and is wrapped in a big, shiny Italian humor and Swiss professionalism bow. Massimo will do big things and I’m blessed to have the opportunity to learn from him and to count him as a friend. This Quotable came out of just one of many fun conversations. Thanks Massimo for three extraordinary days.

(Part of my Friends of Ben series)

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