Conversation of the Day in Portugal

In hotel lobby at front desk.

Me: “Do you know of a nearby laundry place where I can wash clothes?”

Receptionist: “Hmm…in the metro station there’s a laundry place.”

Me: “Self-service? You know, machines, I do it myself?”

Receptionist: “Oh self-service, no, no self-service.”

Me: “Do you know of self-service?”

Receptionist: “Nah, we don’t have self-service laundrymats in Portugal.

Me: “Really? Every European country I’ve been to has had laundrymats.”

Receptionists: “Look, I’ve seen your American movies, I know what you’re talking about, but we don’t have them in Portugal. Think Iraq or Africa. That’s the mentality of Portugal. No self-service.”

Me: [laughing]

Receptionist: “See, I made you laugh, that’s what’s important, who cares about dirty clothes?”


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