Any Tips on Dealing with the Heat?

Folks, it’s hot out here. Not good hot, bad hot. I can’t put on a t-shirt without sweating through it within 30 minutes. Here are some ways I’m dealing:

  • Travel shirt — this is a special kind of shirt that dries quickly and breathes well. Alas, I only have one right now.
  • Gelato ice cream — eating a lot of this in Italy
  • Water — it’s so expensive here that I’m trying to utilize my sink as best I can, but it’s tough
  • Wash cloth — I keep a damp wash cloth next to me when I use the computer or sit and read since it can cool me and wipe sweat from forehead
  • Sandals — I’ve worn sandals the entire trip.
  • Umbrella — I’ve seen other people do this, so I’m going to start. Pop up umbrella when in direct sunlight.
  • Baseball hat — This keeps the glare off my eyes but makes my head hotter.

Any other tips from past or present road warriors?

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