A Map With Squares Is Better Than a Map With Circles

American maps are so easy, foreigners say.

Now I know why. Most of our streets are organized in squares. You walk along one street all the way and eventually you’ll hit what you’re looking for.

In many European countries I’ve found circles. Walk straight and then “through” the circle (even though the circle juts out in four different directions).

2 Responses to A Map With Squares Is Better Than a Map With Circles

  1. Zoli Erdos says:

    Most US cities are *young* and as such planned.

    The 1000-year-old cities in Euorope just grew spontaineously, without much planning.

  2. Jay says:

    And why do you think the rest of the world views Americans as we do?

    “Its so easy in America, why is the rest of the world not easy like us, we’ve got it right, stupid non-Americans.”

    This is basically what youre saying. European cities grew from villages to cities over millenia, far before surveying and planning was in place. Surely that was quite obvious?


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