My First Guinness Beer

The Irish love their beer, especially Guinness (it’s made there). Today, I went to the pub with Frank and shared the historic moment of my first Guinness at a true Irish pub with true Irishmen. See below for proof. Frank nicely got the World Cup in the background, further confirmation that I actually am in Ireland and wasn’t in some American bar (where NBA games would be on, I’m sure!).


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  • It’s a good thing that the legal drinking in Ireland is 18…so how did you enjoy your first (legal) taste of alcohol?

    Drinking doesn’t do much for me, but I seem to have a better time when all the people around me are drinking!

  • I’m not a big drinker, I like myself as is. And I like people for who they are in reality, not in a drunken one.

    In any event, the Irish culture is much different than American. The pub is the town hall. It’s a community. It’s not as much about the alcohol.

  • Yay Ben! Your very first beer! And it was a Guinness! It’s good to see you cutting a little loose over there. Now tell me, do they offer that stuff in 40 oz. bottles or what? Cause I was wondering you might bring a little back for me so that I too can have my very first beer.

  • Many moons ago I was a bartender. We’d have endless arguments about whether real Guinness (“real”, meaning authentic – as they serve in the Old Country) was served cold or at room temperature…would you please confirm?

    Also, have you tried the “black&tan” – half lager underneath the black stuff – I think it’s the difference in carbonation that keeps the two separate – pretty nice.

    Lastly, I think it’s probably best not to rub it in that Ireland didn’t qualify for the Cup finals this time around!

  • I was in Ireland last May, wonderful. If you did not make the pilgrimage this time, next trip make sure to go up into the Wicklow Hills and see the lakes from which the Guinness factory draws its water; coffee brown water naturally filtered through peat. This is what gives Guinness that distict color and flavor.

  • Actually, many pubs offer an extra cold (iced) pint of the brew via a special and separate tap system.

    Strongbow Ale seemed very popular in various regions. And “Cider Tours” are very popular now; not our American sweet non-alcoholic versions either. Did you make it to the Temple Bar or O’Reily’s in Camden Quay?

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