Making My Life Infrastructure Portable for Seven Weeks

Seven weeks on the road in foreign countries requires some careful thinking about how I will make my total "life infrastructure" portable.

  1. Health/Fitness – Without access to a regular gym, my exercise will probably be limited to jogs outside. This is not ideal since I get lost easily and can’t track my time/distance easily. I will do pushups and situps, too, in lieu of weights.
  2. Current Affairs – News sites online; will try to follow day-by-day via NYT/LAT/BBC and others
  3. Books  – already discussed
  4. Blogging/RSS – I will just monitor my high and medium priority feeds. I will also do most of my blogging offline first via MarsEdit.
  5. Technology Infrastructure  – I am bringing my old 12 inch PowerBook. It’s reasonably light and will allow me to operate as if I were on my normal 17 inch PowerBook. I will also be toting a digital camera (and charger) and iPod (and charger). 
  6. Communication  – I will have no mobile phone or mobile email; just Skype primarily, pay phones, and of course lots of email! Will try to find wi-fi conections for my computer. Worst case internet cafes on public computers. Putting critical stuff in secure sites online to access from public computers in case laptop is stolen.
  7. Work – Email and Skype will keep in touch with Comcate activities. When I was in Zurich for three weeks last summer I reviewed documents and contracts, gave feedback on brochures, and did some rudimentary sales work. All of this can be done whereever I am so long as I’m on a high speed connection!
  8. Security – Money belt, encryption of software data. My partner Dave has put the chances of my laptop being stolen at 10-20%!

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