Lengthy Interview with Me in "The G Zone"

Tim Taylor started a new series on his blog called "The No Blah g-Zone" where he interviews people in his life about things, mostly non-business. First up was Bob Bozeman, the super successful angel investor who, with Ron Conway and others, ran Angel Investors LP. One of their most famous investments was in a popular search engine that starts with G.

His second interviewee was me. He asks:

1.    What one or two things in the course of all of the interviews, papers, etc. you’ve been featured in has, for whatever reason, not been touched upon that you would like to see shared?

2.    If I were to meet someone who has never met you and never will but has been inspired by you in some way:
    a.    What would they say they admire about you?
    b.    What one question would they want to ask you?

3.    What would you like to be able to explain or teach more effectively?

4.    If you could say one compassionate thing to George W. Bush & ________ right now, what would you say?

5.    Identify a field of study, an issue, etc. that you know nothing about but for whatever reason piques your interest.
a.    Why does it pique your interest?
b.    Do you think you’ll learn about it?
c.    Do you have a position on it going into it?

6.    When was the last time you had a strong pre-conceived notion as to how something would shake out and it ended up happening nothing like you thought it would?  What did you do?

7.    Anything is possible:

a.    I disagree with that.
b.    I think that’s true
c.    I believe that’s true
d.    I know that’s true

However you answer, why?

8.    What troubles you most in the world today?  Does it make you lose faith?

9.    What one piece of advice would you give my 5 year old daughter?

It’s an honor to be in the company of Bob and of course Tim. Enjoy!

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