Greetings from Southeast Ireland

30 hours later, I wonder if my cheap student airfare was worth the total of 3 hours of sleep on all my different planes.

In any event, the important news is that I’m alive and in Ireland, about an hour southeast of Dublin. Frank Lynch of Microsoft (and blog reader) graciously picked me up at the airport and we had a great chat driving back to his house (the cultural anecdotes I’m already picking up are fascinating and I will share later). It’s going to be an awesome few days here. His house is lovely — nestled away in green hills and pastures. Classic Ireland. Beautiful. Now, freshened by my shower, I’m cruising on Frank’s wi-fi and cherishing the opportunity not to obsess about where my passport is and if someone is about to pickpocket me.

Cheers mate!

Written From: Guest room at Frank’s house in Wexford, Ireland. Four bars on my wi-fi. Sun pouring in. Green fields and golf course out my window.

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