Cold Call That Person Now — Who Knows What Could Happen

Yesterday I got an email from a blog reader. Clearly, this guy "got it." He included background information on who he was, a list of books he likes, and a list of which posts of mine he’s particularly enjoyed. He said, "I don’t really want anything particular out of the email, just wanted to reach out to you. I’ve been wanting to email you for awhile. Just a shot in the dark."

Well, wouldn’t you know it, just as I got his email, I was checking my return flight home in August and noticed I had a one night stayover in Calgary, Canada. This guy lives in Calgary. I quickly fired back an email thanking him for his note and asking if he wanted to get together when I’m in Calgary for the night. I’ll be crashing in his condo in downtown Calgary and I look forward to our conversations. Thanks Matt.

Have you been waiting to cold call someone? Stop waiting — do it now! See what happens! Who knows?!

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  • I just made that cold call – well, email really. I heard a lecture from author and Stanford lecturer Denise Clark Pope on “doing school” – playing the school game just to get top grades for college/money, while killing yourself in the process – and it affected me a lot, especially after seeing similar things happen here in Malaysia.

    I wrote to her thanking her for the lecture and asking if I could put up a transcript online…still waiting for her response! *nervous*

    And now I’m cold-calling you. Heh. I’ve seen you mentioned on the Creating Passionate Users blog and I like your attitude – young, determined, confident. I’ve been looking out for youths that defy the norms and don’t restrict themselves to what society tells them to be – and you fit the bill! I also really support gap years (having taken a couple myself) and I wish you all the best on your journey!

    If you ever come down to Malaysia or Australia, let me know. In the meantime, feel free to keep in touch – divabat at gmail dot com.

    Take care and good luck! 😀

  • But he wasn’t cold calling at all, because he’d been reading your blog and knew all about you and what the best approach to you would be.

  • But he was cold calling because Mr. Casnocha didn’t know him at all. Cold calling seems to be more where you have to introduce yourself – make yourself known.

    I think the key to learn from Matt’s email is to give something to the other person – provide encouragement, give thanks, show that you care. I periodically try to email authors’ of books that I read and quite often I get a really nice response. The first thing I start with every time is a thank you.

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