Can't a Man Do Some Pushups Without Funny Looks?

I went for a run today in Dresden, Germany along its stunning main river. Since I haven’t yet splurged and followed Chris Sacca’s or Rob Urstein’s advice, I was left to a simple run with an iPod and then the obligatory 40 pushups 3/4 of the way into the run.

For the push-ups I stopped along the side of the path, walked onto this platform type of thing, and dropped down and pounded out the bad-boys. One woman gave me a funny look, and briskly walked away from the platform where she was standing (even though it could easily hold several people). What? Can a man not give his chest a little attention it so badly deserves?

To answer this question, I must consult my trusted advisor and life guard Andy McKenzie. Andy, should I cower in embarrassment when doing push-ups in a semi-public setting? Or should I embrace a passion for the pectoral muscle group with the same gusto I pursue ping-pong, eating cottage cheese, and devouring pesto pizza?

4 comments on “Can't a Man Do Some Pushups Without Funny Looks?
  • wow, what a fool you are. if you were really embracing that muscle group, you’d take your shirt off while doing those pushups. just like I do. YA HEARD

  • Ben, is your feed broken? I’ve missed out on essential reading because I’m not getting new items from your fancy Feedburner gizmo.

  • not only would I take my shirt off and move to a more than semi-public place (think more along the lines of a busy park), I would also make sure to go ahead and grunt out as many of those pushups as I could. And if anyone looks/ at you funny (like the woman) then you look back, pout your lips a little bit, and then give a smile that is more defined on one side of your cheek than the other. I’m really more of a pull-up in public than a sit-up guy though. Nothing beats a nice long stare at the guns in front of an audience.

  • and then of course you have be theatrical when it comes to drinking your water which those euros seem to be so weird about. Dont let their culture get in the way of you developing your frame.

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