Why I Don't Read Those Business-Book Summaries

Joe Wikert sings the praises of business book summary services like getAbstract. I don’t read "summaries."

Could the World is Flat be summed up in one sentence? Probably. Key word: globalization.

Could Freakonomics be summed up as "correlation does not equal causation"? Perhaps.

Could Execution be summed up with "Execution is more important than strategy." Definitely. This is the only thing I got out of the book.

But "getting the point" of a business book is not why I read business books. (I don’t read many business books in the first place, most are bullshit.)

I learn best reading books because it’s at once entertaining, informative, and reflective. That is, while reading I will reflect. If it’s a memoir, I’ll reflect the story at hand to my own life. If it’s about business, I’ll think about my own business in the context of the book. If it’s about economics, I’ll conjure my own theories while reading. There are very few places in today’s hyperconnected world where we have time to think. Reading is this place for me. Every so often I find myself just staring at a page and not processing the words; my mind is elsewhere. I’m "busy" to people around me, and now have time to think.

If you want to understand the three main points of a book, read a book review. If you want to dive deeper and think while reading, read the book.

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