Top 25 Bloggers in Silicon Valley

I walked into my favorite cafe today to meet a friend who was flipping through Valley Life Quarterly, a magazine published by the San Jose Business Journal.

He opened to a page: "Here’s a look at the area’s most influential bloggers" the headline said. Jonathan Schwartz, Craig Newmark, Battelle, Dan Gillmor, Lessig, Om Malik, Mike Arrington, Ross Mayfield, Esther Dyson….and then some random high school kid wearing a pretentious bow tie.

If you want to know who’s going to run the world in a few years, then check out Casnocha. This 18-year-old gives us insight into what it’s like to run the Silicon Valley Junto, think about the future of globalization, and make plans to attend his high school basketball game. He is truly a blogosphere original who shows us his birthday best wishes from the likes of Intel’s Les Vadasz, VC Heidi Roizen, and the deputy mayor of Los Angeles (among many others).

OK, I said, who the f submitted my name and bio? My eyes move to the top of the page again. The rest of the headline says, "…as compiled by the Connector Group, a SF firm that specializes in influence marketing by connecting product marketers with influentials and tastemakers." Ah, Auren, you hyper connected PR maven you.

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