The Blogger Lens: Thinking About Things In the Context of Describing it to Others

Seth Levine recently made an acute observation:

What I’m referring to is the tendency to start looking at everything in terms of whether it would make a good blog post or not. Kind of a funny way to look at the world, but it happens when you blog a lot – probably a combination of looking for new content and more generally a rewiring of your brain to think about all things in the context of how you’d describe it to someone else.

Bingo. Since I’ve been blogging regularly for almost two years, it’s ingrained habit to ask myself whether the situation I find myself in would make a good blog post. Friends know that it’s not uncommon for me to take a time-out during a conversation and scribble down a post idea on my BlackBerry. I have dozens of "evergreen" (ripe all year round) topics that I write when I have time.

The most provocative aspect of Seth’s point, though, is the consequence of thinking about things based on how you’d describe it on a blog. Sometimes I go into meetings / events / conversations knowing I’ll blog it. Does this change the actual experience? In the anticipation of documenting something, do we act differently? Is this good, bad, neutral?

I write a lot of quick emails or blog posts in my head and then type them out when I’m at a computer. There have also been times when I undergo an experience and write about it in my head at the same time, as if I’m doing play-by-play broadcasting. Weird.

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