Someone Just Sent Me Their Book They Want Me to Endorse…

…Via snail mail! I hate getting snail mail I have to respond to. (I do write and like receiving hand-written notes that don’t require a response.)

Since we were on the topic of how every cold call should be warm, this communication from a stranger/blog reader falls a bit short. Not only did it come in the mail without an email warning, but there’s no email address anywhere! I’m forced to use the self-addressed stamped envelope to hand-write my comments — and endorsement, if I want to. Shoot me now.

I flipped through the book, liked the parts I read (a combo of entrepreneurialism, self-help, motivation, positive psych), and would be happy to give a quote and constructive feedback. The letter was personal and sincere, and I always respond to communications from blog readers. But no email address? No working URL? I debated whether I should just toss it or make an effort to use one of those old fashioned envelopes.

I scribbled on the letter, "Email me", and dropped the envelope in the mail. The karma gods are smiling.

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