Some People Are Better in Email

I like some people better in email than in person. Why is this the case?

One theory: For in-person interactions there is a smorgasbord of interpersonal styles to choose from. Some may be more appealing to me than others. In email, there are less styles. Some people really "get" effective email communications. Others don’t. So, for people who "get" email but have an interpersonal style that I find annoying, they’re more likable electronically.

I am trying to sort my network by people who I like via email more than in-person, and remind myself to send them lots of email instead of requests for coffees.

3 Responses to Some People Are Better in Email

  1. Raphael Kang says:

    What about AIM?

  2. Ben Casnocha says:

    Don’t use AIM!

  3. Chris Yeh says:

    Ha, you should invite your friends to comment on their impressions of this new program after it’s been running for a few weeks.

    Not sure the email-only crew will enjoy finding out that they have an annoying interpersonal style!


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