Rapleaf Is Hiring – Portable Ratings System for Buyers and Sellers

Friend Auren Hoffman has started a cool company called Rapleaf. In a nutshell, Rapleaf is a portable ratings system for buyers and sellers (think eBay feedback system but open and portable).

When I met with Auren a few weeks ago we talked about how important it is for start-ups to hire the right people from the start. "A" people are worth an order of magnitude more than "B" people though their compensation does not always account for this added impact enough. So, Auren’s willing to pay top dollar to get the right guys and gals on the team.

They’re looking for a non-engineer to do everything that is not engineering-oriented including:

  • Marketing
  • Business development
  • Product stuff
  • Finance
  • Recruiting
  • Customer service systems
  • And more

Among the other qualifications, Auren says the right candidate must "laugh a lot and generally be very happy." Yes — I think happiness should now be on every job spec. Unhappy people do not make good employees.

If you’re interested, check out their product and email [email protected]

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